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DownloadYour business is your promise to your customer

Your business is your promise to your customer

B2B Content Marketing Agency

If you are a B2B business looking for dependable content partners who can help you launch, scale and grow through purposeful B2B content, you are at the right place.

The Growth Narrative is a B2B content marketing agency that enables startups and enterprise businesses with high-quality content that is purposeful, helps build trust and authority so that you can connect and grow effectively

The Definition of a B2B Content Marketing Agency

The digital landscape has witnessed a paradigm change over the last decade. In today’s hyperactive digital world, businesses cannot risk not being visible in the right context on social and offline platforms to drive brand awareness and connect. Moreso, the audience has also evolved and does not appreciate being directly sold to, they are seeking for deeper relationships with brands that are more value based.

It is here that content marketing plays a significant role to help businesses connect, engage and generate leads by a process that is rooted in creating value and winning trust. The content is aimed to inform, inspire, and engage the prospective buyers while helping them resolve their pain points. The end goal is to inject trust in the minds of consumers that stems from empathy.

How does a B2B Content Marketing Agency Help?

B2B content marketing agency basically enable B2B brands with compelling content. Their key role is to plan, curate and distribute content to drive brand awareness, engage and generate and nurture leads, and ultimately boost sales, in a manner that does not seem aggressive. Unlike advertising, this approach naturally draws people to you because you’re giving them something they want. It is a gradual process that adopts the EAT ( Expertise, Authority and Trust) content approach, to attract the audience and influence them to take the desired action.

The Growth Narrative Your One-Stop Content partner

Creating, publishing, and promoting a compelling and cohesive content is hard work— and here is where we come in so that you can focus on your core business, while we do the heavy lifting for you.

We create a cohesive content experience for B2B start-ups, enterprises that is inherently embedded in strategy and creativity. Our focus is to deliver high quality content across channels and life-stages, that creates impact, authority, and trust amongst your most relevant audience to prompt them to take the desired action.

Consider us as your one-stop content partner. You can lean on our team of multi-skilled and experienced strategists, writers, editors and brand marketers to curate compelling content solutions that are business aligned. Right from creating social media posts, blogs, articles, infographics, case studies, YouTube videos, podcasts, newsletters, employee communication to marketing collaterals, we make sure that every piece of content creates value for your audience and meets your business goals.

Our mission is simple: Empower B2B companies to connect, engage and sell better by harnessing the power of purposeful content that reinforces expertise and builds trust and authority.

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B2B Content Marketing Services We Offer

Content Strategy Services

We leverage our creative and strategic mindset to chalk out a compelling content strategy for B2B brands, that serves as the foundation to attract, engage and delight your customers.

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Digital Content Creation services

We leverage our creative and strategic mindset to chalk out a compelling content strategy for B2B brands, that serves as the foundation to attract, engage and delight your customers.

Content Distribution/Marketing Services

We make sure that the content in the most appropriate formats reaches to the most relevant audience through the right channels. Our data-driven distribution strategy maximizes reach and connect.

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Our Content Marketing Process

Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools in accelerative business imperatives. But content marketing requires a well-orchestrated process composed of several key steps in order to be successful.

Let’s take a closer look at our content marketing process:

Start with Goals

We discover your business and functional goals to get a better clarity of the larger picture. With a clear view of the business goals, the team weaves a business aligned content marketing strategy so that each content intervention helps you get closer to your goals.

Create an Editorial Mission Statement

The next step is where we define the editorial mission statement to set the tone for all content created during the content marketing process. It aids to bring the team together with a shared purpose as they develop new concepts for content pieces.

Research Your Audience & Topics

The audience is at the core of whatever we do. Our content experts gather data on target audiences to understand their interests, hobbies, challenges and preferences to root the content plan basis these insights.

Planning Strategy Outcomes

From this point onwards we create detailed plans outlining each component including content themes, topic titles along with individual stories, formats, creative plan, checklist & timeline etc., content calendars so that each element is well thought through and planned seamlessly.

Create Content That Resonates with Readers

Now that we have identified the overall approach with messaging, formats, we curate the defined content piece with purpose as per the business life stage. Content that ranges from blogs, infographics, website content, gated content, case studies, social media posts, newsletters, digital videos to podcasts are created in sync with the target audience’s interests and feelings alike.

Promote Your Content Strategically

Getting your content in front of the right people is critical to its success. We make sure that the content is distributed to your most relevant audience through right channels and right time both through organic and paid means so that you can reach, connect and engage purposefully.

Why Us Choose Us As Your B2B Content Marketing Agency

1. Content that is business aligned

With a powerful combination of strategy and creativity our content solutions are aligned to your business goals whether it is to drive visibility, credibility or authority.

2. One-stop content partner

You can lean on us for purposeful and a vibrant content mix across formats be it text, graphics, video, films, to podcast. Right from digital content to business support led marketing content, we work as your extended content partner to help you move forward.

3. Helps you develop more and deeper relationships

Our content solutions are focused to bring your message to life in a meaningful and a cohesive way. We help you to stand out with content curated to inform, educate, inspire and influence actions in your favour.

4. Work with an extended team of content experts

Gain access to a multi-skilled team of brand marketers, writers, content strategists, creative minds that work as a collective to bring your business goals alive.